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The Continuation of LifeSM

There’s nothing more important than protecting your family. One of the best ways to continue protecting your loved ones is by banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood, your children’s dental pulp and your own adipose tissue with GeneCell International, one of the most advanced and experienced stem cell banks in the world. With unparalleled expertise in processing and cryopreserving umbilical cord, dental pulp and adipose tissue stem cells, GeneCell International offers the best available options for you to continue to hope for a better and healthier life.

Cord blood contains stem cells that can be transfused to a patient to treat various diseases, including anemia, leukemia and lymphoma. There are approximately 80 life-threatening diseases that can be treated by banking your baby’s cord blood.  Due to the advancement in science, the list of illnesses is continuously expanding.  Consequently, when you bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells, you will provide him or her with a greater opportunity in the future.

Cord blood banking is a one-time opportunity that can only take place by collecting the cord blood of a newborn at the time of birth. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to consider cord blood banking if you are planning on having a baby.

GeneCell International’s banking services provides you peace of mind knowing you have made an informed decision for you and your family.